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Lighthouse Wisdom

May you live in interesting times.
                            -   Chinese proverb

A fallen lighthouse is more dangerous than no lighthouse at all.

-         Anonymous


Welcome.  Everyone is welcome.  I hope that this site may serve as a lighthouse and as place for collaboration for Social Justice for all. 
We live in dangerous times. Public Education, and especially Adult Education, is in serious jeopardy in the State of California.  The Adult School System has served as a lighthouse in many communities, offering hope to the most vulnerable and challenged members of our communities.  Who will speak for the voiceless, the poorest and forgotten?  Where will our choldren's parents learn the skills they need to become productive members of the community? How will the many high school students reaching 18 without the skills to complete a high school diploma get their seconond chance?  Who will be the safety net for the "others" in our education systems and communities?  How can we fight recitivism and homelessness without schools to provide the lifeline? Who will stand up for Social Justice in our communites if not the California Adult Schools and public education?
If you are interested in technology, access to technology and its ethical use, this may be a good place for you as well.

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